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Elizabeth Priestly Siffert, oboe




"...Todos os dias, em todos os ensaios, a tua robustez como instrumentista esteve lá. Partituras sempre estudades, disponibilidade para fazeres tua, a minha interpretação... Sempre solista. No momento de tocar, as cores do teu instrumento aparecem com a segurança que te caracteriza. Cada frase desenhada com intenção, a fazer sentido. Natural e sem esforço. É sempre disso que se trata na música..."
Translation: "...Every day, in all rehearsals, your strength as a performer was there. Your parts always learned, your abilities with my interpretation... Always a soloist. From the moment your sound starts the color of your instrument appears with the confidence of your character. Each phrase designed with intention and feeling. Natural and effortless. It is this that music always needs..."
-Maestro Rui Massena, Conductor/Television personality, Porto Portugal

"Otherworldly... a rich sonic tapestry for both the human and ghostly worlds."
- OperaWarHorses.com

"Thank you so much for your lovely and brilliant playing of my Ganymed, Elizabeth! ....brilliant performance...."
- Dirk-Michael Kirsch, composer/oboist, Munich Germany

"... fine control in such difficult quick passages."
- Guido Toschi, former principal oboist, Teatro alla Scala, Milan Italy

"O patria mia is stunning - a true climax to the entire production - and is capped by a sumptuous, dolce high C. The accompanying oboe obligato is equally gorgeous."
- Concertonet.com

"The dancers also easily kept pace with Johann Sebastian Bach’s busy Concerto for Violin and Oboe in C minor. Violinist Denise Tarrant and oboist Elizabeth Priestly Siffert, with conductor Ermanno Florio and the Houston Ballet Orchestra, gave the score a soulful ride."
- blog.chron.com

"Principal winds (oboe in the overture and obligato horn and flute in later arias) play musically and with technical finesse, and the entirety of the orchestra performs with rhythmic precision and excellent dynamic contrast, creating the needed momentum to carry the listener from first bar to last."
- Concertonet.com

"Intonation, ensemble and musicality were exemplary, from piquant oboe solos to ravishing tuttis."
- Concertonet.com

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